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This is the website for the campaign against the proposed Cauldhall Open Cast in Midlothian, and against future mining plans for the area.

Cauldhall Open Cast

Hargreaves plans to extract 10 million tonnes of coal over 12 years from the Cauldhall site near Penicuik, Midlothian.

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[BBC] Cauldhall opencast coal mine given green light

Opencast moratorium now: reply to Scottish Government Consultation!

Thanks very much to everyone who took part in this consultation it is now closed. Well keep you up-to-date with what happens next.

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on new regulation for what they hope will regulate restoration effectively. But whilst they consult, Hargreaves are being allowed to mine under even less regulation and oversight than before the collapse of Scottish Coal and ATH Resources. Communities living next to opencast mines in Scotland dont need another CON-sultation they need effective action to safeguard their health, well-being and local environment.

It is not acceptable that this crisis is being used as yet another opportunity for yet another mining company to scrape what they can out of communities and the environment whilst taking no responsibility for their actions. It is is time to seek justice for communities living near opencast mines please respond to the consultation by sending the response below (or write your own) and demand a moratorium and independent public inquiry now!

Local residents call Cauldhall green light a “travesty of the planning process” as Midlothian Councillors vote to approve

Local residents and campaigners have expressed outrage at todays vote in Dalkeith that saw Midlothian Councillors vote 5 to 9 in favour of Hargreaves Services application to mine 10 million tonnes of coal from the Cauldhall Moor site near Rosewell. This application is the first to go through the planning system since the collapse of the Scottish coal industry earlier this year.
Local resident and member of action group Stop Cauldhall Opencast Malcolm Spaven said: “Im devastated – its a travesty of the planning process that an application like this has been approved despite everything thats wrong with it. Whats the point in Scottish and Local Planning Policy if it can all be torn to shreds at the whim of a Planning Committee?

Last minute lobbying decision date protest 19th November

Disappointingly, the Planning Officers report issued ahead of Tuesdays decision meeting 

Disappointingly, the Planning Officers report issued ahead of Tuesdays decision meeting has recommended approval for Cauldhall opencast, ignoring Midlothians own local plan and many of the arguments of local residents. Read our response and briefing to councillors here. It is now too late to object to Cauldhall opencast. If you are a Midlothian resident please lobby your councillor in any way that you can before Tuesdays decision meeting.

Were calling for a protest ahead of the Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday 19th to show councillors that strength of opposition to the plans. Please come and support our campaign and say no to opencast. 13:00, Tuesday 19th November, Council Chambers, Midlothian House, Buccleuch St, Dalkeith.

Pre Determination Hearing date announced please lobby your councillor!

Please come and show your opposition to plans for an opencast at Cauldhall Moor!

It would be great if people could lobbying your councillor about the Cauldhall opencast mine application in the next week.

Dont forget that they wont be able to commit to either supporting or opposing the planning application because if they do, they risk being ruled out of the vote. But you can give them information this can be obtained from our website. Let us know if you need any other information.