This is the website for the campaign against what was formerly Scottish Coals and is now Hargreaves Services proposed Cauldhall Open Cast in Midlothian, and against future mining plans in the area. We are a group of people living near the threatened areas and people concerned with the environment and the impact of open cast coal.

Having worked for A.T.H Resources (Aardvark T.M.C)
I can confirm foul-play in how they conducted their buisness.
I watched in horror on more than one occasion as our trucks where filled with waste truck tyres and waste oil containers to be buried on site.

I immediately brought this to the attention of my Health and Safety Representative who told me to never mind as it would never be found and if anymore was said about it we would both lose our jobs.
Well i was so angry as i knew the procedures for Waste materials as i worked as a manager for 10yrs in a previous job within the fast fit tyre and exhaust industry.

However fearing i might be treated differently, i decided not to mention it again.
But within a few months i was suddenly demoted, and my wages reduced.

Then i was sent to another site further from my home and this cost me even more money in extra fuel.I was very depressed as i had to leave home earlier and pass my local site where i had worked succesfully for more than 4 yrs to do the same job for less money and using more time at another site.I did not witness anything similar at my new location as i was not there long enough as i was dismissed for gross misconduct after another machine crashed into my truck while i was in a stopped position. I appealed the dismissal but it was upheld and i went to a Tribunal and won my case. However i have been unemployed now for 18mths and tried to get my job back but because A.T.H went in-to liquidation i have been un-successfull and even my Compensation has not been paid.So there you have it, illegal activities and sacked for trying to protect the environment. i am contemplating going to the press and getting all the open-casts shut down and the Directors of A.T.H jailed for illegal tipping of waste products that will affect the Health of my Childrens Kid`s in years to come.Well you heard it first here. Yours Faithfully BraveHeart. with photo-graphic evidence and other Witnesses. No wonder there is so many local dying from Cancer and hundreds more suffering from Asthma,COPD, And another thing A.T.H already contaminated the local river Nith and killed most of the Salmon in June 2010. Here`s the link folks.